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First line of text: "Dear Brother, A short time since I was in Huntsville and rec'd yours of the 17th."

Written on final page across text: "Dr Cambell's account" ; "No 30."


First line of text: "Dear Brother, As I anticipated in my last letter to you, your sister Catharine has paid that debt all of us owe and will e’er long have to pay."

Final page: "Dr Campbell's account of her sickness and death" ; "No 28."


First line of text: "Dear Brother, Agreeably to your requests I will try and assist you in answering the questions relative to our dear departed Sr. C. ..."

Final verso: "Mr. Chamberlain's account" ; "No. 7."


First line of text: "My dearly beloved Sister, I have been wishing to write you even since you left us."

Annotations: "Rossvill[e] Cherokee Nation November 2" ; "Catharine Brown" ; "Catharine Letter. Nov. 1, 1818." ; "No. 8."


First line of text: "Disposition remarkably mild. Dutiful and affectionate to Parents."

Recto (written in hand different from verso annotation): "Furnished by Mrs. Gibbreath Apr. 25, 1824.”

Verso: “Mrs. Gibbreath’s description of…


First line of text: "Dear Brother, I rec'd your letter of Jan.'y 23d about the last of Feb'y. As our beloved Br. & Sister Williams were better acquainted with particulars relative to our dear deceased Sister Catharine..."

Recto: "Copy".



First line of text: "I rec'd your line by brother Arch (?) yesterday and regret that I cannot answer more fully."

Back leaf, verso: "Mrs. Ellis's (Sarah Hoyt) recollections of Catherine" ; "No. 4."


First line of text: "My Dear brother & sister Williams, Altho I have long omitted answering your affectionate letters my heart has been often with you."

Recto: "Catherine letter. July 5, 1819" ; "No. 10."


First line of text: "How solemn my Dear brother and Sister is the idea that we must soon part."

Verso: "Written on our leaving Brainerd for Taloney" ; "Catherine, Nov 1819" ; "No. 13." ; "(copied)"


First line of text: "My very Dear Brother, I cannot express my feelings this evening, [crossed out word] when I read your kind letter."

Recto: "[G] To her brother David, on his way to Cornwall".

Verso: "Catharine. May 16 1820" ; "No. 14." ;…