Of Faith and Courage: The History of the ABCFM


In Appreciation

We would like to thank the following people for helping to make this exhibition possible:

Curator: Peggy Bendroth, Executive Director, Congregational Library with support from Congregational Library staff including Abraham Miller, Rachel Moore, Claudette Newhall, Jessica Steytler, and Susan Thomas

Image Production: Robin Duckworth, Congregational Library

Congregational House Staff: John Beattie, David Chroniak, and Suchesta Flynn

Physical Exhibition Design and Production: Will Twombly, Alex Twombly, and Juliet Cocca, Spokeshave Design, Watertown, Mass.

Graphic Design, Physical Exhibit: Christine Reynolds, Reynolds Design & Management, Waltham, Mass.

Graphic Design, Digital Exhibit: Robin Duckworth, Congregational Library

Photography Credits: Unless otherwise noted, all images are from the collection of the Congregational Library.

  • Wider Church Ministries logos, courtesy United Church of Christ
  • image of William E. Hocking, courtesy Harvard University Archives
  • images of Andover Theological Seminary and its professors, courtesy Andover Newton Theological Seminary Archive

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