1843 Boston Almanac church engravings

Hollis Street Church


This Church was gathered in November 14, 1732. The first church of wood, was built on the ground where the present church stands, in 1732, and was destroyed by fire in 1787. The second church, also of wood, was built in 1788, and was taken down and removed to Braintree, in 1810. The present edifice was built the same year.


MATHER BYLES, ord. Dec. 20, 1733, dis. Aug. 9, 1776.
EBENEZER WIGHT, ord. Feb. 25, 1778, dis. Sept. 1788.
SAMUEL WEST, inst. March 12, 1789, died April 10, 1808.
HORACE HOLLEY, inst. March 9, 1809, dis. Aug. 24, 1818.
JOHN PIERPONT, present pastor, ord. april 14, 1819.

The present edifice, which is of brick, was dedicated Jan 1, 1811. It is 79 1-2 feet by 76, exclusive of the tower. It contains 130 pews on the lower floor, and 38 in the gallery, besides seats for the choir. The steeple is 196 feet high. Hollis street Church is Unitarian in sentiment.