1843 Boston Almanac church engravings

Chardon Street Chapel


This Church was gathered Feb. 14, 1836. At its formation is consisted of 16 members. They commenced public worship at Lyceum Hall in Hanover street, and removed from that place to Chardon Street Chapel, which was built by said Church and Society, and dedicated Nov. 6, 1838.

The whole number of members, Nov. 29, 1842, was 410.

This Church was gathered by the labors of Rev. JOSHUA V. HIMES, (formerly Pastor of the First Christian Church, corner of Summer and Sea streets,) who remained its Pastor until succeded by the Rev. JOHN STARKWEATHER, its present Pastor, in November, 1842.

The building is of wood, and plain in its exterior appearance, but neat and convenient in the interior. It will seat comfortably 500 persons.